La Dolce Vita Sustainability

La Dolce Vita is committed to significantly reducing the waste our store generates.


Greener Gelato Spoons

In 2019 La Dolce Vita made the switch to bio degradable spoons to decrease the environmental impact of our disposables. Biodegradable plastics are plastics that can be decomposed by the action of living organisms, usually microbes, into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.


Recycling in Store

In our store we recycle most type of waste – such as cardboard or milk jugs – where commercial recycling and waste management is available to reduce our ecological footprint.  But that happens behind the counter, out of sight to customers. We also offer recycling bins for you, the customers.


Reusable Cups

Reducing the environmental impact of our beverage cups by offering customers the use of reusable cups. A lot of our customers are also working to reduce their own environmental impact even as we are. To help them help us, we offer a 5% discount to encourage customers to use their own reusable mugs or tumblers for their beverages. Customers enjoying a beverage at our location can also request that their beverages be served in a ceramic mug. Every paper cup saved helps keep our forests intact. (Learn more about deforestation from our partners at Conservation Halton.)

Paper Straws

In 2019 La Dolce Vita made the switch to paper straws to decrease the environmental impact of our disposables. Plastic straws although they are super convenient and inexpensive, do not recycle well and can take hundreds of years to decompose. For us choosing paper straws is saying Yes to a cleaner earth, ocean and environment.