Step 1: Date of pick-up (Pickup date must be 72 hours notice. Cakes can only be picked up between 5pm-9:30pm (Tuesday-Friday) and 2pm-9:30pm (Saturday & Sunday).

Step 2: Cake size

  • $44 Small Cake (6 people)

  • $55 Medium Cake (8 people)

  • $77 Large Cake (16 people)

Step 3: Cake Flavours (maximum of 2 flavours)

The following flavours are examples only. We have a rotating case of flavours everyday. If you have a flavour that you really love, you can request it. We will let you know if the flavour is available or give you an alternative. You can view our flavours of the day on our instagram stories everyday. 

  • chocolate

  • vanilla

  • sea salt caramel

  • Sicilian pistachio

  • Piemonte hazelnut

  • strawberry

  • mango

  • raspberry

  • lemon

  • chocolate hazelnut

  • coconut

  • bubblegum

  • chocolate mint

  • banana

  • sugar free chocolate

  • And many more!!!

Step 4: Message (what would you like written on your cake) 

La Dolce Vita responds to order requests within 24 hours. Please email us if you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Orders that are not confirmed will not be processed. 

Gelato Cake Order Form

Orders must by 3 days notice