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22 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville, ON, Canada

About the Role

As an employee of La Dolce Vita you will:

- Interact with customers
- Work as a team to complete orders efficiently
- Complete daily tasks such as cleaning and stocking
- Scoop gelato (of course!)
- Make espresso beverages
- Take pride in the quality of your work
- Keep calm in any situation
- Maintain a clean and organized workspace

As a supervisor you will:
-manage conflict/ issues with customers or staff
-complete stock checks
-sign out employees
-oversee that employee's are completing their tasks efficiently and properly
- ensure that closing and opening duties are completed properly

We are looking for a team member who is available on weekends, holidays, and evening shifts.

Supervisors are given a maximum of 2 weeks off in the summer.

This is a part-time position or a full time position.

Experience is required.

We offer competitive pay. Though this is a great job, it is a-lot of work and we think that you should be compensated properly for it!

About the Company

We are all about hard work and having fun. Don't get us wrong, working at a gelato shop is a lot of fun. You get to learn to make espresso beverages, scoop gelato, and interact with hundreds of people everyday! This is a great place to work if you value teamwork. We are a very busy place, so we are looking for people who can handle a fast paced environment, work efficiently, and learn quickly. We are looking for people who love what we love. And we love providing great service and creating a fun and efficient work environment.

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